Companies and individuals from Europe and elsewhere come to me when they need to improve their communication skills in meetings at work, their presentation and pitch performance, or when they generally have a problem making themselves understood.  They value the fact that I have personally faced the day-to-day pressures of senior management. See below for a list of my educational experience and recent principal directorships. If you want to know more, please email me. 


Main qualifications

  • Bachelor of Arts, then Master of Arts in Modern Languages from Pembroke College, Cambridge (1977)
  • Master of Business Administration, Open University Business School (1994)
  • Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults, International House, London (2009)


Director roles

  • Executive directorships, including Teleport London International, Kingston TLI (1990s)
  • Chairman, World Teleport Association, New York (2004-9)
  • Non-Executive Director, Chairman, Association of MBAs, London (2009-14)
  • Director, Leadership Trust Foundation (2015-7)


Please feel free to contact me initially by email at: