Communication skills training

It’s one thing to show your knowledge and understanding about technical matters – like finance, engineering or marketing. It’s another matter to give a talk, presentation or pitch, using simple and effective language, in a way that has the best chance of persuading others of a particular course of action.

And then of course there’s the process of answering questions in a powerful and effective way.

So what actually happens in your first session with me?

Having corresponded with you by email and phone, I will already have an idea about what you’re trying to achieve – whether it’s a conference speech, interview, meeting, negotiation or pitch. We agree a programme of action to work on specific aspects of style and language. Often we will have other ideas together as we progress.

Our plan to succeed starts with recognising the challenges you’re facing. Who are the people you need to impress, what are the tools you need (and what should you avoid), so that you come across at your best?

Then we practise. Eradicating mistakes, polishing the words or the questions and answers as we go. Every session, gaining in confidence.

How long will it take to improve? Usually a number of sessions lasting several hours, will make all the difference.  The best course of action then is for you to do that meeting, presentation or pitch, and for us then to reflect on it together.  What went well?  Was there anything you could have done better?

And if English isn’t your native language, I can help you if you don’t feel confident about your pronunciation, vocabulary or grammar, as I am a fully trained teacher of English to adults.


We have had the pleasure of working with Chris for several years in our development of senior leaders, potential new partners and other individuals.

His work with our people to improve their communication skills, persuasive techniques in presentations and meetings, pitch practice for meetings and interview panels, as well as oral and written language coaching, have been highly appreciated by our leaders — and is very valuable to the firm.

Partner/Talent Leader, Big 4 audit firm

What helped me the most was repeating the plausible course of interviews and getting feedback and instruction on what to focus on. Through this I gained the confidence to discuss freely more complex topics in my job interviews.

Risk analyst, UK-based bank HQ, London

Chris helped me clarify how to present the company’s content marketing, growth goals and key words.  I was able to prepare an important business meeting.

Middle Manager, US multinational, France

I really like the fact that the course was totally personalised for me. I did a role play with Chris for a meeting that I have regularly with my boss, which was very helpful. I feel more confident now.

Senior manager, German finance company